Complete 3 course meal starting at €16,00

                Menu for Fish:

Cold Appetizers:
                 Sea Fantasy
                Mixed carpaccio
                Shrimp Cocktail

               Hot Appetizers:
             Shrimp Busara
               Mixed Gratin
             Shrimp Scottadito
             Mussels Tarantina

           First courses to choose from:
                Gratin Ravioli
               Risotto out of the shell
          Gnocchi Gallipolina
               Tagliolino Black
       Risotto with prawns and asparagus
            Tagliolino with seafood

Second courses to choose from:

          Baked Fish
        Fillet of Sea Bass in a Potato Crust
              Guazzetto di Crustaceans (Stewed Shellfish)
           Mixed Fried with Vegetables
                   Grilled Fish

Upon reservation: Paella Valenciana
                   Catalan Shellfish
                   Crudités (non conosco)


  • Ristorante Miramonti

    San Marino

  • Via Basilicius, 14

  • Tel. 0549 991694
    Fax 0549 879126


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