• Palazzo del Governo <br>
Palazzo Del Government
    Palazzo del Governo
    Palazzo Del Government
  • Museo Della Tortura
    Museo Della Tortura
  • Museo di Stato
    Museo di Stato
  • Torre Cesta
    Torre Cesta
  • Torre Guaita
    Torre Guaita
  • Torre Montale
    Torre Montale
  • Basilica del Santo
    Basilica del Santo
  • Cava Dei Balestrieri
    Cava Dei Balestrieri
  • Chiesa di San Francesco
    Chiesa di San Francesco
The Restaurant Miramonti thanks to its strategical position allows to easily reach the places of greater cultural interest within the Republic.

Within a few meters you can visit:
The Museum of Torture
St Francis Museum
The State Museum
The Church of St. Francis
The Monastery of St. Clare
Cava dei Balestrieri (The Archers Quarry)
Basilica del Santo (The Saints Church)
Palazzo Del Government
1st Tower “Guaita” With Inside the Museum of Modern Art
2nd Tower “Cesta” With Inside the Museum of Ancient Arms
3rd Tower “Montale”


  • Ristorante Miramonti

    San Marino

  • Via Basilicius, 14

  • Tel. 0549 991694
    Fax 0549 879126

  • sanmarinomiramonti@libero.it

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